FablegenAI – Is this the best AI to generate stories?

FablegenAI – Is this the best AI to generate stories?

Last night, I started reading a bedtime story, and my kid told me to tell him a story about three little kittens. I do not have a creative mind, so I wondered how to develop a storyline quickly.

I wished there was a platform where I could type three little kittens and a summary, and it would generate a story for me.

That’s when I discovered FablegenAI, a platform that excels in generating stories using AI.

FablegenAI for generating stories using AI:

With this platform, you can easily generate a variety of engaging and imaginative stories for my son. It is user-friendly and intuitive. All you need to do is add a title, summary, and moral, and it instantly creates a unique and captivating fable.

The story of the three little kittens was a hit! My son is now eager for bedtime stories. It feels like I am the star of the show. 

FablegenAI generates excellent stories with a good balance of humor, moral lessons, and creativity that keeps children engaged and fosters their imagination.

Let me tell you how to get started with it:

– Go to the website: https://app.fablegenai.ai/

Login Fablegenai

– Click on Login

– Register a new account

– Enter the details and click on ‘Terms of Use.’ Read and scroll down, click on ‘Accept Terms,’ check the box, and click on ‘Register.’

Upon registering, you get 100 quills for free. On this platform, you use quills for transactions.

Here, you have various options to read stories or create stories:

AI bedtime story

1. Classic Fables

2. Community Fables

3. Create Fables

1. Classic Fables:

You can create unique versions of over 100 classic fables using Generative AI. This feature can be a great way to introduce children to these timeless tales in a new and exciting way.

This makes FablegenAI a valuable resource for parents and educators alike. You may also download the fable and read it later or email it.

2. Community Fables

You can read fables created by other users in the community and the ones you’ve created yourself. 

This feature fosters a sense of community and shared creativity, as users can gain inspiration from each other’s work. It also provides a platform for users to showcase their own unique stories. 

This interactive and collaborative aspect of FablegenAI makes it a truly unique and engaging platform for storytelling. 

You can download or email the fable from here as well.

3. Create Fables

If you want to create a fable, this is the option! 

Enter the title, summary, moral, age, and category, and click generate fable. You may also create images for your fable.

Your fantastic fable is ready, and yes, you own the fable. Download it, email it, and read it out!

You should watch out for a couple of upcoming features!

Community stories, create a story and generate story characters. I am eagerly waiting for these features to come up; what about you?

AI to generate fables

The last feature that this tool has to offer is quite unique, ‘Valentine Day Tarot’, I loved it!

Pros and Cons:


– User-friendly platform

– You can be creative and have fun writing stories

– Excellent platform for parents and teachers to help engage children in learning and develop important moral values.

– You get the option to download or email the pdf of your fable.

Give it a try guys, you will fall in love with it, just like I did!


– Tarot card reading is available only till month end. 

In conclusion, FablegenAI is a fantastic tool for parents, educators, and anyone needing a quick, personalized story. It’s like having a professional storyteller at your fingertips! I highly recommend it.

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Mubert – Is It the Best AI Music Generator in 2024?

Mubert – Is It the Best AI Music Generator in 2024?

In the rapidly evolving world of AI content creation, music plays a crucial role in setting the tone and enhancing the overall experience. Mubert Text to Music, one of the world’s leading music licensing platforms, has emerged as a game-changer. With the help of the potential of Artificial Intelligence (AI), Mubert revolutionizes the way we perceive music licensing, offering filmmakers, streamers, app builders, and content creators a remarkable tool for generating custom-tailored, royalty-free music. In this blog review, we will discuss features that make Mubert the best AI music generator of 2024, use cases, pros and cons, and how to use it.

This post contains affiliate links. If you click on a link and make a purchase, I may receive a small commission at no additional cost to you. I only recommend products that I use and love, and I appreciate your support of my blog.

Features of Mubert the Best AI Music Generator:

Mubert AI boasts various powerful features, making it an exceptional music composition platform. Let’s explore some of the key features that set Mubert AI apart:

Key Features:

  1. User-Friendly Interface: Mubert AI boasts a user-friendly interface accommodating seasoned creators and beginners. Its simple design allows users of all skill levels to navigate effortlessly and unlock the platform’s full potential without technical complexities.
  2. Customizable Tracks: A standout feature of Mubert AI is its ability to generate highly customizable tracks. You can fine-tune the music by adjusting tempo, key, and style parameters, enabling them to craft music that perfectly complements their creative projects.
  3. Royalty-Free Music: All tracks generated by Mubert AI are royalty-free. You can easily incorporate the music into your commercial projects without additional fees or licensing constraints. This eliminates copyright issues, making Mubert AI a reliable and convenient source of legal music.
  4. Wide Range of Genres: Mubert AI caters to diverse musical tastes, offering an extensive selection of genres, including electronic, hip-hop, classical, and more. The platform effortlessly generates tracks that align with various musical styles, ensuring a perfect fit for any creative vision.

High-Quality Output: Mubert AI consistently delivers high-quality tracks suitable for commercial projects. The generated music maintains a professional standard, empowering you to enhance your content with top-notch soundscapes.

Don’t take our word for it; try Mubert for free.

Mubert’s Unique Offerings:

  • AI-Generated Music: You can instantly create high-quality music for various applications, including streaming, videos, podcasts, and commercial use using Mubert. Its AI-driven technology swiftly generates tracks tailored to your needs, streamlining the music creation process.
  • Mubert Render: Content creators benefit from Mubert Render, a feature that enables the generation of soundtracks customized to the mood, duration, and tempo of their content. This perfectly matches music and visuals, elevating the overall user experience.
  • Mubert Studio: Artists can monetize their talent through Mubert Studio. This platform allows them to earn money by offering tracks, samples, and loops, opening new revenue streams in the creative world, and supporting their artistic endeavors.
  • Mubert API: Mubert API caters to developers and brands, providing them access to a rich repository of royalty-free music. This empowers them to enhance their products and platforms with captivating soundscapes, adding an immersive audio experience to their offerings.
  • Mubert Play: Mubert Play enhances music experiences, customizing them for various occasions and individual moments. This personalized approach enriches user interactions with music, creating memorable and engaging auditory journeys.

Use Cases for Mubert: 

Mubert caters to a wide range of professionals and industries, offering tailored solutions to meet specific needs:

  • Content creators seeking captivating soundtracks for their videos and podcasts can benefit from Mubert’s AI-generated music, enhancing the overall viewer experience.
  • Brands and developers searching for royalty-free music for their products or platforms can utilize Mubert’s extensive library, ensuring legally-compliant and engaging music content.
  • Artists looking to monetize their musical creations have a platform in Mubert Studio, which allows them to earn from tracks, samples, and loops they contribute.

How to set up Mubert?

Step 1: Sign Up on Mubert.com

mubert sign up
  • Visit mubert.com and click on the ‘Sign Up’ button.
  • You can directly sign up using your Google or Facebook account or enter your email address and create a password. Click on ‘Create Account’ to proceed.

Step 2: Navigate to Your Dashboard

  • After creating a free account, you’ll be taken to your dashboard. Here, you’ll find options to ‘Generate a Track’ or ‘Search by Reference.’

Step 3: Generate a Track

mubert tracks
  • Under ‘Generate a Track,’ you can choose from options like ‘Track,’ ‘Loop,’ ‘Mix,’ or ‘Jingle.’
  • Alternatively, you can ‘Search by Reference’ by pasting a YouTube video link to find matching tracks.

Step 4: Customize Your Track

mubert genre mood
  • If you choose ‘Generate a Track,’ you can either enter a prompt or select from various options like ‘Genre,’ ‘Moods,’ or ‘Activities.’
  • Specify the duration and click ‘Generate Track’ to create your custom track.

Step 5: Review and Download

  • Once the track is generated, you can explore options like generating similar tracks or deleting the current one if it doesn’t meet your requirements.
  • Listen to the track by clicking on the play button. If you like it, hit the download button to save it to your computer.

Step 6: Manage Shortlisted Tracks

  • All shortlisted tracks can be found in the ‘Downloads’ section. From here, you can download the selected tracks for your projects.
  • If you are using the free version, make sure to provide proper attribution in your blog, video description, or content as per Mubert’s guidelines.

Step 7: Attribution and Copyright

  • To remove the copyright strike from the tracks, provide the necessary links (YouTube channel, social media profiles, or website) where you’ll be using the music.
  • If you prefer using Mubert without attribution, consider exploring the paid plans.

Step 8: Explore Moods, Genres, and Instruments

  • Use the left menu to explore moods, genres, themes, playlists, and instruments available on Mubert.
  • Create similar tracks or download from playlists that catch your interest.

Step 9: Explore Endless Streams and Royalty-Free Catalog

  • Discover endless streams, designed especially for live streamers, available through the beta version.
  • Additionally, explore the vast royalty-free music catalog at the bottom of the page.

Pros and Cons


  1. Time-Saving AI Technology
  2. Customizable Tracks
  3. High-Quality Output
  4. Royalty-Free Music


  1. Limited Customization Options


Mubert Subscription Plans

mubert pricing
  1. Ambassador – $0.00 per month:
  • MP3 with attribution
  • Suitable for social media (including YouTube) and NFT art soundtracks.
  1. Creator – $14.00 per month:
  • Lossless Quality
  • No attribution needed
  • Ideal for social media (including YouTube) and NFT art soundtracks.
  • Opportunity to monetize your content and use promoted/boosted posts.
  1. Pro – $39.00 per month:
  • Lossless Quality
  • No attribution needed
  • Suitable for commercial use, social media (including YouTube), NFT art soundtracks, and digital ads.
  • Can be used for e-commerce websites.
  1. Business – $199.00 per month:
  • Lossless Quality
  • No attribution needed
  • Tailored for agencies and apps, with additional features like TV, radio, and VOD usage.
  • Offers account manager support, in-app music, sublicensing, and the ability to resell and distribute content.

These subscription plans offer different levels of access and usage rights, enabling users to choose the plan that best suits their needs and intended usage scenarios.

Is Mubert Worth It? 

Mubert is undoubtedly a game-changer in the world of AI text-to-music. Its advanced technology and user-friendly interface offer a range of benefits making it a worthwhile investment for creators and music enthusiasts alike.

Ready to experience the magic of Mubert? Trying Mubert for free today. Elevate your content, captivate your audience, and create unforgettable experiences with the power of AI-generated music. Embrace the future of music creation with Mubert and witness the transformation of your creative projects.

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Loudly Review 2024 – Everything You Have To Know

Loudly Review 2024 – Everything You Have To Know

Loudly’s AI Music Generator streamlines music creation by instantly producing unique tracks. You can select your preferred genre and desired length and get started. Loudly enhances user experience by providing a library of royalty-free tracks that can be effortlessly licensed across different media platforms.

The website is equipped with a user-friendly search function and an AI Recommender that suggests music based on individual preferences. Additionally, there are pre-made playlists for your convenience. To access these services, you must subscribe to the platform, which also includes a complimentary free trial. Loudly ensures transparency and adherence to legal requirements by offering access to relevant legal documents on the website.

Features of Loudly:

  • AI music generation: Easily create one-of-a-kind tracks by choosing your preferred genre and length, harnessing the power of our advanced AI music generation technology.
  •  Royalty-free music library: Explore a diverse collection of licensable tracks suitable for a wide range of media projects, allowing you to use them without worrying about royalties.
  •  AI Recommender: Discover personalized music recommendations tailored to your unique preferences, ensuring a seamless and enjoyable music selection experience.
  •  Pre-made playlists: Find inspiration and save time by browsing through expertly curated playlists designed to suit various moods, themes, and occasions.
  •  Multi-platform accessibility: Enjoy the convenience of accessing Loudly’s features both through the user-friendly website and the dedicated mobile app, available for download on the App Store and Google Play.

Use Cases:

  • Create original music for various applications, including video production, podcasts, websites, etc.
  •  Enhance various media projects with royalty-free tracks that perfectly complement the content.
  •  Explore and discover new music through the AI Recommender or handpicked playlists.

The Loudly AI Music Generator presents a practical and efficient solution, enabling users to generate unique music tracks while providing access to a diverse library of royalty-free music.

Pricing Details:

  • Free Account:Cost: $0.00
    •  Benefits: Access to 2,500+ free songs.
    •  The license covers usage on all social media platforms.
    •  Access to Audio + Video Customizer.
    •  AI song recommender for personalized music suggestions.
    •  Loudly mobile app usage.
    •  Access to AI Music Generator.
  •  Personal Plan:Cost: $7.99 per month (Save 38% annually).
    • Suitable for individuals creating content for personal channels.
    •  Includes all features from the Free Account, plus: Access to the full song catalog.
    •  Unlimited song downloads.
    •  License coverage for social media, live streams, podcasts, and monetization on platforms like YouTube.
    •  Exporting Audio + Video customizations.
    •  Certified music license PDF.
    •  Unlimited AI Music Generator downloads.
  •  Pro Plan:Cost: $14.99 monthly (Save 50% annually).
    • Designed for professionals, registered companies, or agencies.
    •  Includes all features from the Personal Plan, plus: Extended license coverage for digital advertising media.
    •  Usage in client work and commercial projects.
    •  Mobile apps and website usage.
    •  Corporate media, presentations, and video conferences.
    •  Compatibility with visual NFTs.
    •  Integration with indie games, VR/AR, and Metaverse applications.
  •  Enterprise: Tailored for commercial usage with custom premium solutions and licensing terms.
    •  Suited for large enterprises, ATL advertising campaigns, cinema/film/VOD/streaming, radio & TV broadcast, remixes for music labels, API integration, and bulk catalog licensing.
    •  Specific pricing and terms are provided based on individual business needs.

In summary, Loudly’s AI Music Generator simplifies the music creation process and ensures that users can access top-notch, original music produced by professional musicians. With its user-friendly platform, extensive features, and affordable pricing, Loudly emerges as a powerful tool empowering individuals, businesses, and enterprises to seamlessly elevate their creative projects with exceptional music.

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Boomy AI Review 2024 – The Ultimate AI Music App

Boomy AI Review 2024 – The Ultimate AI Music App

Welcome to our journey through Boomy – the tool that merges music with technology. In this blog, we’ll talk about how you can create and distribute music from an AI platform regardless of your level of expertise.

Boomy uses the power of AI to revolutionize music creation. You can craft and save original songs at no cost quickly. Moreover, through Boomy, you can distribute distribution your music to major streaming platforms and digital retailers globally, earning you royalties every time your songs are played on Spotify, Apple Music, TikTok, YouTube, and more.

Getting started is simple. Click “Create” and select “Song” from the drop-down menu. Choose your desired Style, adjust any custom settings, and click “Create Song.” Boomy will then generate many unique song options, you can explore, save, or customize as you wish.

Boomy’s intelligent algorithms are designed to mimic various musical styles. These styles are not exact replicas of a genre but are influenced by its various elements. We encourage you to experiment with different styles to discover what resonates. Go ahead and try Boomy today!

What is Boomy AI?

Boomy AI is a user-friendly music creation tool. It utilizes artificial intelligence to produce high-standard music tracks swiftly. Targeting musicians, producers, and all music enthusiasts, Boomy AI simplifies music creation. It operates as an intelligent music generator, enabling you to craft original music tracks in just a few minutes.

Boomy AI is a user-friendly music creation tool. It utilizes artificial intelligence to produce high-standard music tracks swiftly. Targeting musicians, producers, and all music enthusiasts, Boomy AI simplifies music creation. It operates as an intelligent music generator, enabling you to craft original music tracks in just a few minutes.

Boomy Features:

Boomy is a music creation tool, for both beginners and seasoned musicians. Its significant features and benefits are:

AI-Created Music: Develop original tracks with ease using AI systems that react to your inputs.

Personalization: Customize your songs for a distinctive sound. Global Reach: Post your creations on streaming platforms and engage with a worldwide artist network.

Inspiration: Get creative ideas from featured playlists, popular songs, and an extensive library.

Boomy is a perfect fit for:

Beginners who want a simple method to produce original music.

Experienced musicians who are interested in experimenting with AI-assisted compositions.

Music lovers wishing to distribute their unique creations to a global listenership.

Pros and Cons of Boomy:


  1. Intuitive Interface: Boomy AI provides an easy-to-use interface, making music creation accessible even to those without technical know-how.
  2. AI-Driven Music Creation: Boomy AI employs artificial intelligence to analyze various musical elements, simplifying the creation of unique, high-quality music.
  3. Customization Options: Users can tweak elements like melody, harmony, and rhythm to craft a distinctive sound with Boomy AI.
  4. Collaboration Opportunities: Real-time collaboration with other artists is facilitated, streamlining the music creation process.
  5. Cost-Effective: With a subscription model, Boomy AI is often more affordable than hiring a professional producer or buying pricey software.


  1. Limited Customization: Despite the range of available options, Boomy AI might not offer sufficient control for advanced producers who wish to create more intricate tracks.
  2. Potential Quality Concerns: While Boomy AI can generate high-quality music, the results may lack the polish of tracks created by professional producers.
  3. Subscription Model: The requirement for a monthly or yearly fee might not be appealing for users who are reluctant to commit to a long-term subscription.
  4. Limited Genre Choices: While offering a variety of music genres and styles, Boomy AI might not cater to users seeking to create music in more specialized genres or styles.


Free Trial:

  • Make and change songs
  • Save up to 25 songs
  • 1 music release
  • Each release can have up to 3 songs
  • No song downloads
  • Not for business use
  • Give it a shot

Creator Package (Discounted to $9.99/month from $14.99/month):

  • Make and change songs
  • Save up to 500 songs
  • Up to 3 music releases every month (15 in total)
  • Each release can have up to 25 songs
  • Faster review of releases
  • Download up to 10 songs in MP3 format every month
  • Use for non-business purposes on social media and live streams

Pro Package (Discounted to $29.99/month from $39.99/month):

  • Make and change songs
  • Unlimited song saves
  • Faster review of releases
  • Up to 10 music releases every month
  • Each release can have up to 25 songs
  • Download up to 25 songs in MP3 & WAV format every month
  • Use for non-business purposes in videos, live streams, and your own songs
  • Use for business purposes in podcasts and on social media
  • Use for business purposes in social media ads

To wrap up, Boomy AI stands as a unique blend of music and technology. It’s an impressive platform that lowers the barriers for beginners venturing into music production, offering an intuitive, affordable, and innovative tool for song creation.

While it might not meet the high expectations of professional music producers in all aspects or cover all musical genres comprehensively, Boomy AI undoubtedly opens up new creative avenues. It excels in generating AI-powered music and enabling collaboration, outweighing its minor limitations.

In essence, if you are an aspiring musician or an experienced artist interested in AI-generated compositions, Boomy AI is an appealing choice. Its subscription plans cater to various needs, marking it as a valuable tool for anyone exploring the realm of music production. It is transforming the digital music production landscape, and it’s exciting to anticipate how it will continue to evolve.

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10 Best Free Text-to-Speech Chrome Extension

10 Best Free Text-to-Speech Chrome Extension

Chrome extensions are browser add-ons designed to enhance productivity, workflow, and user experience. They streamline tasks, replacing the need for separate software. Among these extensions, Text to speech stands out as a valuable tool.

Text-to-speech Chrome extensions read Text aloud, using which you can multitask while consuming content. These Chrome extensions benefit those with disabilities and make web browsers accessible for individuals with visual and learning difficulties. It can also benefit students struggling with reading, helping them improve comprehension and fluency.

This blog post will discuss the ten best free text-to-speech Chrome extensions. I will also provide a brief overview of each extension and its features.

I. The ten best free text-to-speech Chrome extensions are:

  1. Capti Voice
  2. Voice Dream Reader
  3. Talkie
  4. Read Aloud
  5. Read Me
  6. Natural Reader
  7. Snap&Read
  8. Speechify
  9. Text to Speech
  10. Intelligent Speaker

I will discuss these extensions in more detail in the following sections.

1. Capti Voice

Capti Voice is a free text-to-speech Chrome extension incorporating cutting-edge TTS research to deliver users the latest and most remarkable features. At its core, Capti Voice is dedicated to equipping students with top-notch reading and writing tools, striving to offer them the finest resources for their studies.

Key Features:

a. Utilizing advanced technologies from Amazon Ivona, Acapela, and Neospeech, Capti Speak generates high-quality voiceovers.

b. Recognizes and reads Text proficiently in 26 languages, ensuring global accessibility.

c. Automatic audio speed adjustment, tailored to match the language being spoken.

d. Excellent support for text-to-speech of pre-selected content in any document.

e. Comprehensive language support, providing definitions and phrase explanations across all supported languages.

f. Multilingual translation capabilities, enabling seamless communication across language barriers.

g. Empowering students with enhanced writing skills through various note-taking features, all easily translatable on command.

h. User-friendly shortcuts for quick navigation, maximizing productivity and efficiency.

Pros and Cons:


  • Free for personal use
  • Supports 100 languages 
  • Offers affordable pricing, suitable for most users
  • Provides excellent regional accents for major languages


  • The default voice is among the least impressive
  • It lacks support for exporting audio files

2. Voice Dream


a. Choose from over 200 voices

b. Enjoy natural-sounding voices with various accents and dialects powered by AI

c. Read various content from different sources, including articles, PDFs, scanned documents, ebooks, and more

d. Use browser extensions to easily add content from web pages. e. Listen to anything you read, including audiobooks

f. Voice Dream functions seamlessly without an internet connection

g. Experience fast load times and ensure your data remains private

h. Access Voice Dream on various devices, including while traveling on a train or plane

Pros and Cons:


  • Diverse Voice Selection
  • Enhanced Naturalness
  • Versatile Content Support
  • Easy Content Import
  • Offline Functionality
  • Travel-Friendly


  • Limited Export Options

3. Talkie


a. Simple text-to-speech Chrome extension with support for multiple languages. 

b. Easy activation by selecting Text, right-clicking, and choosing Talkie from the context menu. 

c. Automatic language detection and voice selection for seamless text reading. 

d. No word limits on the Text to be read. 

e. Offline functionality available when languages are downloaded. 

f. Ability to download additional TTS languages and voices for the operating system. 

g. Auto-detection and utilization of downloaded TTS languages by Talkie.

Pros and Cons


  1. User-Friendly: Talkie’s straightforward design and functionality make it easy to use, especially for those seeking simplicity.
  2. Multi-Language Support: With its capability to handle multiple languages, Talkie caters to users with diverse language needs.
  3. No Word Limits: Users can enjoy unrestricted text-to-speech conversion, enhancing their reading experience without limitations.
  4. Offline Mode: The ability to work offline, provided languages are downloaded, ensures uninterrupted text-to-speech functionality, even without an internet connection.
  5. Additional Language Options: Users can expand Talkie’s language library by downloading more TTS languages and voices for their operating system, enhancing customization.
  6. Auto-Detection: Talkie’s feature to automatically detect and use downloaded TTS languages streamlines the process for users.


  1. Limited Features
  2. Premium Upgrade Required for Default Voice

4. Read Aloud


a. Access to voices in over 40 languages. 

b. Text highlighting capability. 

c. Multiple voice options to choose from. 

d. Support for voice customizations, including reading speed, pitch, and volume adjustments. 

e. Compatibility with various website types, such as blogs, news, Text, eBooks, and most university course material. 

f. Option to enable Text highlighting while reading. 

g. Works offline without the need for an internet connection. 

h. No registration is required for basic usage. 

i. Open-source project, allowing users to contribute bug fixes or translations through its associated GitHub page. 

j. Ability to read formats like Google Docs, blog posts, PDFs, Amazon Kindle, Google Play Books, and EPUB (with the EPUBReader extension).

Pros and Cons


  1. Easy-to-use interface for a seamless user experience.
  2. Supports keyboard shortcuts for convenient operation.
  3. Provides Access to a wide range of voices in over 40 languages.
  4. Allows users to customize voice settings, including reading speed, pitch, and volume, for a personalized listening experience.
  5. Works offline, ensuring continuous Access to content without internet connectivity.
  6. No registration is required for basic usage, simplifying the onboarding process for users.
  7. As an open-source project, users can contribute bug fixes or translations, making it a community-driven extension.


  1. The free version lacks realistic voices.
  2. No option to scan books or directly upload documents and PDFs.
  3. Some voices may sound robotic or less natural.

5. Read Me


a. Documentation Builder: ReadMe.io is an easy-to-use tool that helps users build comprehensive documentation sites. 

b. Project-Based Approach: Each published documentation site is treated as a project, providing dedicated space for documentation, interactive API reference guides, changelogs, and more. 

c. Collaboration: Users can crowdsource and suggest changes to keep documentation up-to-date. 

d. API Explorer: The tool enables users to interact with APIs directly within the documentation. 

e. GitHub Sync: Auto-generated reference docs are kept in sync with the code on GitHub. 

f. Markdown-Based Editor: A drag-and-drop editor based on Markdown simplifies the process of creating documentation. 

g. Theme Builder: Users can easily customize the appearance of their development community to match their brand. 

h. Support Forums: Users can ask questions and request features through support forums. 

i. Versioning: Managing different versions of documentation, including old or beta versions, is made effortless. 

j. Application Keys: Users can access and view their application keys directly embedded in the documentation. 

k. Integrations: ReadMe.io integrates with various third-party solutions, such as Slack, Google Analytics, Zendesk, and Typekit. 

l. Localization: The tool offers integration with localization services like Localize, Transifex, and Smartling.

Pros and Cons


  1. User-Friendly Interface: ReadMe.io’s easy-to-use platform makes documentation creation and management straightforward.
  2. API Interaction: The API explorer allows users to interact and experiment with APIs directly within the documentation.
  3. GitHub Sync: The auto-sync feature ensures reference docs stay updated with the latest code changes on GitHub.
  4. Customizable Theme: The theme builder empowers users to create a visually appealing development community that aligns with their brand.
  5. Support Forums: Users can engage in discussions, ask questions, and request features through the support forums, fostering a collaborative environment.
  6. Version Control: The tool offers efficient versioning capabilities, facilitating the management of different documentation versions.
  7. Integration Options: ReadMe.io seamlessly integrates with various third-party services, enhancing functionality and workflow.


  1. Limited Preset Themes: Although customization is possible, users might appreciate more pre-designed theme options for quicker customization.

6. Natural Reader


a. Supports voices in over 16 languages, offering a diverse selection for users. 

b. OCR function: Capable of reading Text from images and PDF files, expanding its usability. 

c. Voice Customizations: Allows users to adjust reading speed and change the voice to suit their preferences. 

d. Seamless Switching: Users can effortlessly transition from the desktop to the mobile app without losing track of the portion that has been read. 

e. Keyboard Shortcuts: Supports the use of keyboard shortcuts, such as Alt + R, to instruct Natural Reader to start reading Text. 

f. Offline Functionality: Works offline, enabling users to read without an internet connection.

Pros and Cons


  1. User-Friendly Interface: Natural Reader offers straightforward functions and a user-friendly UI for a pleasant reading experience.
  2. Immersive Reading Mode: The immersive reading function eliminates distractions, allowing users to focus on reading.
  3. OCR Support: The ability to read Text from images and PDF files adds to the extension’s versatility.


  1. Premium Features: Some advanced features require a premium version, limiting Access to free users.
  2. Not Open Source: Natural Reader is not open-source, which may limit the ability of users to modify or contribute to its development.

7. Snap&Read


a. Dynamic Text Leveling: Allows users to adjust the readability of Text without altering its meaning, ensuring a tailored reading experience.

b. OCR Screenshot Reading: Supports reading text from images and scanned documents, enhancing its versatility. 

c. Translation Capability: Snap&Read can translate Text into various languages, facilitating cross-language comprehension. 

d. Text Highlighting: Provides Text highlighting for better focus and understanding. 

e. Customization Options: Users can remove distractions and modify spacing and word-per-line settings to create an optimized reading experience. 

f. Multilingual Text-to-Speech: Snap&Read can convert text files to speech in multiple languages, enabling broader language support. 

g. Real-Time Readability Adjustments: Users can adjust text readability on the fly, enhancing comfort and comprehension during reading.

Pros and Cons


  1. Distraction-Free Reading: Snap&Read offers features that allow users to create a distraction-free environment for a focused reading experience.
  2. Comprehensive Study Tools: The extension includes a picture-supported dictionary and simplified vocabulary function, catering to educational needs.
  3. Font and Spacing Adjustments: Users can customize the font style, spacing, and number of characters per line for maximum readability.


  1. Monthly Cost: Snap&Read is priced at $3.99 per month, which might be a drawback for users looking for free alternatives.
  2. Limited Free Features: While it offers a free trial, some advanced features may only be accessible through the paid version.

8. Speechify


a. Voice Customizations: Speechify offers the ability to customize voices, including reading speeds and various voice options. 

b. Save for Later: Users can save webpages to the library for listening at a later time, ensuring easy Access to desired content. 

c. OCR Functionality: Supports extracting texts from images, PDFs, and eBooks through OCR technology. 

d. High-Quality Voices: Provides a wide selection of high-quality voices in over 60 languages for a diverse reading experience. 

e. Web-Based API: Speechify offers a web-based API for seamless integration and enhanced functionality. 

f. Floating Widget: The extension has a floating widget feature that follows alongside the words on the page as it reads, allowing users to follow along easily. 

g. Multi-Platform Compatibility: Compatible with both Mac and PC devices, ensuring accessibility across different platforms.

Pros and Cons


  1. User-Friendly Interface: Speechify is simple and easy to use, catering to users of all experience levels.
  2. Cross-Platform Compatibility: The extension works well across web articles, Microsoft Office, Google Workspace, and PDFs, providing versatile accessibility.
  3. High-Quality Voices: Speechify boasts “natural-sounding” audio with different reading speeds and voices, enhancing the overall reading experience.
  4. OCR Support: The OCR functionality enables users to extract Text from images, PDFs, and eBooks, broadening its usefulness for diverse reading materials.
  5. Productivity Boost: Listening at Speechify’s average speed setting may offer a 40% productivity boost while using the “speed reader” function could lead to a 150% productivity boost.


  1. Limited Free Version: The free version has limited functionality, potentially limiting Access to certain features.

9. Text to Speech


a. Web Page Reading: Text to Speech by Hewzio can read the entire web page, providing an immersive reading experience. 

b. Multi-Language Support: The extension supports 30 languages, ensuring accessibility to a diverse user base. 

c. Simple Activation: To listen to any article, users can click on the extension icon or right-click the screen and choose “Read Page.” 

d. Selective Text Reading: Users can listen to selected Text by playing the audio and clicking on the sentence from where they want it to start reading. 

e. Distraction-Free Reader Mode: Text to Speech offers a distraction-free reader mode, enhancing the reading experience. 

f. Article Sync Across Devices: Users can synchronize articles across devices, including mobile phones, for seamless Access. 

g. Podcast Creation: The extension allows users to create podcasts from articles, adding another dimension to content consumption.

Pros and Cons


  1. User-Friendly Interface: Text to Speech by Hewzio is simple and easy to use, making it accessible to users of all experience levels.
  2. Wide Language Support: Supporting 30 languages, the extension caters to a global audience with diverse language preferences.


  1. Limited Features in Free Plan: While the free plan offers basic text-to-speech conversion, more advanced features, such as dark mode, are available in the paid plans.
  2. Paid Plans: Three paid plans range from $1 to $10 per month, which might be a consideration for users seeking a free alternative.

10. Intelligent Speaker


a. Versatile Content Support: Intelligent Speaker can read articles, PDFs, Google Docs, and uploaded Text, providing comprehensive text-to-speech capabilities. 

b. Multi-Language Support: The extension supports 20 languages and automatically detects the language for seamless usage. 

c. Selective Text Reading: Users can read complete web pages or select Text based on their preferences. 

d. Natural Voice Option: Intelligent Speaker offers a “breathing” feature to make the voice sound more natural during reading. 

e. Podcast Sync: Users can sync their content to a podcast app, enabling convenient listening to articles on the go. 

f. Downloadable Audio Files: The extension allows users to download the converted audio file for offline Access. 

g. Offline Functionality: Intelligent Speaker works offline, ensuring continuous Access to content without an internet connection. 

h. Browser Compatibility: The extension is available for all major browsers, making it accessible to a wide range of users.

Pros and Cons:


  1. Comprehensive Content Support: Intelligent Speaker covers various content types, from articles and PDFs to Google Docs, offering versatile reading options.
  2. Natural Voice Option: The “breathing” feature enhances the voice quality, providing a more realistic and engaging listening experience.
  3. Podcast Sync: Users can synchronize content to a podcast app, enabling flexibility in consuming articles on different devices.


  1. Limited Free Listening: The free plan only allows one hour of listening each month, potentially limiting Access for heavy users.
  2. Premium Subscription: Unlimited listening requires a subscription to the Premium plan, priced at $6.99 per month, which might be a consideration for users seeking a free alternative.

Throughout this blog, we have explored ten of the best free text-to-speech Chrome extensions available: Speechify, Natural Reader, Read Aloud, Talkie, Snap&Read, Voice Dream Reader, Read Me, Intelligent Speaker, Text to Speech, and Capti Voice. Each of these extensions offers unique features, pros, and cons, allowing you to find the one that best suits your needs and preferences.

So, if you want to enrich your web browsing experience, increase productivity, and make reading more enjoyable, consider exploring the world of text-to-speech Chrome extensions. 

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