FablegenAI – Is this the best AI to generate stories?

FablegenAI – Is this the best AI to generate stories?

Last night, I started reading a bedtime story, and my kid told me to tell him a story about three little kittens. I do not have a creative mind, so I wondered how to develop a storyline quickly.

I wished there was a platform where I could type three little kittens and a summary, and it would generate a story for me.

That’s when I discovered FablegenAI, a platform that excels in generating stories using AI.

FablegenAI for generating stories using AI:

With this platform, you can easily generate a variety of engaging and imaginative stories for my son. It is user-friendly and intuitive. All you need to do is add a title, summary, and moral, and it instantly creates a unique and captivating fable.

The story of the three little kittens was a hit! My son is now eager for bedtime stories. It feels like I am the star of the show. 

FablegenAI generates excellent stories with a good balance of humor, moral lessons, and creativity that keeps children engaged and fosters their imagination.

Let me tell you how to get started with it:

– Go to the website: https://app.fablegenai.ai/

Login Fablegenai

– Click on Login

– Register a new account

– Enter the details and click on ‘Terms of Use.’ Read and scroll down, click on ‘Accept Terms,’ check the box, and click on ‘Register.’

Upon registering, you get 100 quills for free. On this platform, you use quills for transactions.

Here, you have various options to read stories or create stories:

AI bedtime story

1. Classic Fables

2. Community Fables

3. Create Fables

1. Classic Fables:

You can create unique versions of over 100 classic fables using Generative AI. This feature can be a great way to introduce children to these timeless tales in a new and exciting way.

This makes FablegenAI a valuable resource for parents and educators alike. You may also download the fable and read it later or email it.

2. Community Fables

You can read fables created by other users in the community and the ones you’ve created yourself. 

This feature fosters a sense of community and shared creativity, as users can gain inspiration from each other’s work. It also provides a platform for users to showcase their own unique stories. 

This interactive and collaborative aspect of FablegenAI makes it a truly unique and engaging platform for storytelling. 

You can download or email the fable from here as well.

3. Create Fables

If you want to create a fable, this is the option! 

Enter the title, summary, moral, age, and category, and click generate fable. You may also create images for your fable.

Your fantastic fable is ready, and yes, you own the fable. Download it, email it, and read it out!

You should watch out for a couple of upcoming features!

Community stories, create a story and generate story characters. I am eagerly waiting for these features to come up; what about you?

AI to generate fables

The last feature that this tool has to offer is quite unique, ‘Valentine Day Tarot’, I loved it!

Pros and Cons:


– User-friendly platform

– You can be creative and have fun writing stories

– Excellent platform for parents and teachers to help engage children in learning and develop important moral values.

– You get the option to download or email the pdf of your fable.

Give it a try guys, you will fall in love with it, just like I did!


– Tarot card reading is available only till month end. 

In conclusion, FablegenAI is a fantastic tool for parents, educators, and anyone needing a quick, personalized story. It’s like having a professional storyteller at your fingertips! I highly recommend it.

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