Have you ever dreamed of turning your thoughts into music with just a few taps? Or writing something and creating sound with it without the help of any traditional instruments? Well, that is what AI text-to-music is all about.

We have prepared the only guide you need to understand all about AI music generation. We discuss its capabilities, benefits, limitations, and potential applications.

1. Introduction to AI Music Generation:

  • What is an AI music generator from text?

You can make different types of music using an AI Music Generator. It includes creating, adjusting, designing, and putting together tunes using Artificial Intelligence, all with the assistance of a few prompts. This is called text to music.

  • How does AI music generation work?

AI music generation involves the clever use of computer programs. These programs use Artificial Intelligence technology to create, fine-tune, design, and piece together music. The process kicks off when you provide some prompts or input, guiding the AI to generate the musical output you’re looking for.

  • Benefits of using AI music generation:
    • Generate soundtracks: Anyone can generate a soundtrack with the help of text-to-music AI, which simplifies the whole process of music creation and generates great soundtracks. Depending on your platform, you can use features such as equalization and auto-tuning to get a polished sound.
    • Royalty-free music: Most paid tools allow you to generate royalty-free music. Even with a limited investment, you can create amazing music without any traditional recording equipment.  
    • Create Music of any Genre: You can choose from a variety of genres, such as Lo-Fi, Jazz, Electronic, ambient, etc. You can also blend two different genres and create unique music. 

2. Exploring AI Music Tools and Resources:

Most of us know very little about music, and want to try out some AI tool to explore the different types of music that we can create. There are various AI music generators for beginners. Here is a short list for you to explore.


Mubert Login

Focus: Endless generative, ambient music for background listening or focus. 

Genre: It leans towards electronic, atmospheric, and downtempo styles. It offers extensive controls for customizing the soundscape to your preference, allowing for a truly personalized ambient experience. Perfect for focus, relaxation, or creative inspiration.

Pricing: Free and Paid plans. The free plan offers limited features, while paid plans unlock extended song length, customization options, and commercial use rights.

Best for: Music enthusiasts who want background ambience, content creators who need focus music, and anyone who wants to relax or concentrate with music.

Mubert is one of the best free text-to-music AI generators.


Boomy text to music

Focus: Simple music creation with loop generation, beat creation, and melody building.

Genre: Lush electronic textures, atmospheric soundscapes, and downtempo grooves set the mood. Imagine calming electronic music, swirling washes of sound that ebb and flow, and gentle, rhythmic pulses.

Pricing: There are free and Paid plans. The free plan allows you to create short music pieces with limited features. Paid plans offer extended features, project export options, and commercial use rights.

Best for: Beginners wanting to create essential music pieces, songwriters seeking inspiration, and anyone interested in exploring music creation without deep technical knowledge.


wavtool login

Focus: A free, basic tool tailored for experimenting with short music pieces across various styles. WavTool text-to-music AI can generate music with specific instruments (e.g., piano and violin)

Genre: WavTool serves as a playground for exploring different musical styles. While its selection may not match advanced tools, it offers an excellent opportunity to sample diverse genres and find inspiration.

Pricing: Completely free of charge. Music pieces are short and limited in complexity.

Best for: This is ideal for absolute beginners curious about AI music generation and individuals in need of short sound effects or background music snippets.

Stable Audio:

stable audio text to music

Focus: Stable Audio lets you craft the ideal soundtrack for background listening, focus sessions, or specific projects.

Genre: Stable Audio offers exploration across various genres, including Electronic, Pop, Rock, Classical, Cinematic, Ambient, World Music, and more!

Pricing: Stable Audio operates on a freemium model. The free tier enables limited music generation with some restrictions. You can opt for paid plans to unlock extended features, higher audio quality, and commercial use rights.

Best for: Stable Audio is tailored for beginners, content creators, musicians, and anyone in need of high-quality, versatile music for diverse projects, from YouTube videos to composing impactful soundtracks.

Top AI music generators:

While the above list was for absolute beginners, here is a list of AI music generators with more advanced features that you can try for free:


aiva text to music

Focus: AIVA specializes in high-quality music generation across 250 styles, ideal for creating impactful soundtracks. It can generate music from the description you enter, making it one of the best tools for creating music from text.

Genre: AIVA’s extensive library includes sweeping orchestral pieces and heart-pounding action scores. Craft the perfect soundtrack for films, video games, or any project requiring a strong emotional impact.

Pricing: You can try this platform for free with limited features, or it starts at approximately $20 per month, with custom quotes available for complex projects. For specific pricing details, reaching out to sales is recommended.

Best for: This product is tailored for professional musicians, media producers, and composers who need top-notch music for specific projects, such as films or games.


soundful text to music

Focus: Soundful addresses diverse creative needs through its extensive library of royalty-free background music. Whether for focus, relaxation, or specific projects, Soundful provides a solution.

Genre: Explore a vast collection encompassing a multitude of genres. From calming ambient soundscapes and upbeat pop tracks to dramatic orchestral scores and energetic rock anthems, Soundful caters to a broad audience.

Pricing: Choose between Free and Paid plans. The Free plan offers a limited music selection and downloads, while the Paid plans unlock access to a more extensive library, higher-quality music, and extended usage rights.

Best for: Tailored for content creators (YouTubers, podcasters) in need of background music, businesses seeking music for marketing videos or presentations, and anyone searching for royalty-free music for various uses.

Ecrett Music:

text to music ecrett

Focus: Ecrett Music empowers users to craft high-quality music for various purposes. Use the free trial to experiment and determine if this AI tool aligns with your needs.

Genre: While specific genre details may be limited, Ecrett Music suggests a range of styles suitable for diverse projects. Explore its capabilities during the free trial to ascertain if it generates music fitting your desired genre.

Pricing: The pricing structure is not clearly outlined on the website. You can contact Ecrett Music directly for specific pricing details.

Best for: Tailored for musicians or music producers seeking an AI tool for music creation and businesses or individuals needing high-quality music for various projects.


Loudly text to music

Focus: Loudly empowers users to generate music tailored to their needs. This versatile tool allows for creating music in various styles, moods, and tempos, offering customization options for additional tweaking.

Genre: Explore a diverse selection of musical styles with Loudly. Loudly caters to your preferences if you seek driving rock for your workout playlist, calming piano pieces for relaxation, or upbeat electronic tracks for your next project.

Pricing: Choose between Free and Paid plans. The Free plan provides limited features and music downloads, while the Paid plans unlock extended features, higher-quality music, and commercial use rights.

Best for: Ideal for musicians ranging from beginners to intermediate levels who seek inspiration or create basic song structures. It is also well-suited for content creators who need varied background music and individuals who want to experiment with music generation in different styles.

3. Practical Applications and User Needs:

Can AI music generators help me create music for my YouTube videos?

Absolutely! AI music generators are a fantastic resource for crafting personalized soundtracks that elevate the quality of your YouTube videos. Here’s how you can use AI-generated music in various scenarios:

  • Background Music for Vlogs: Enhance the atmosphere of your vlogs with AI-generated background music. Tailor the music to match the mood and tone of each segment.
  • Intro and Outro Themes: Use AI-generated music to create catchy and unique intro and outro themes. This helps establish a consistent brand identity for your YouTube channel.
  • Transition Music between Scenes: Smoothly transition between different scenes in your videos by incorporating AI-generated music. It adds a professional touch and maintains engagement.

What type of YouTube channels can I create with AI music?

You can create YouTube channels with AI-generated music. Here are some ideas with trending themes:

Focus on Mood and Activity:

  • Ambience & Focus Channels: Create AI soundscapes for studying, relaxation, meditation, or sleep. These channels often use calming melodies and nature sounds. Incorporate AI to generate variations on themes like underwater serenity, rainforest ambiance, or city at night.
    • Here are a few prompts you can use to generate ambiance music:
    • Craft a soothing soundscape for focused studying, blending gentle melodies with the tranquility of underwater serenity.
    • Generate an ambient composition designed for relaxation, merging calming tunes with the immersive sounds of a rainforest setting.
    • Create a meditation-worthy sound journey, fusing serene melodies with the peaceful ambiance of a city at night.
    • Design an enhanced music experience for restful sleep, blending tranquil tunes with the calming sounds of a nighttime urban environment.
    • Generate variations of ambient themes, such as serene underwater scenes or the tranquil sounds of a rainforest, tailored for concentration during study sessions.
  • Workout & Fitness Channels: High-energy, motivational music is critical here. Use AI to create diverse workout mixes with different tempos and genres, such as electronic dance music (EDM) or energetic synthwave.
  • Create an energetic workout anthem with a blend of electronic dance music (EDM) beats and motivational lyrics. Dynamic rhythms capture the intensity of a high-energy fitness routine.
  • Generate a synthwave-infused composition that mirrors the diversity of a workout routine. Transition seamlessly between tempos, enhancing the audio experience for varied fitness sessions.
  • Workout soundtrack with the power of energetic synthwave beats. Capture the excitement and drive of intense fitness sessions through the rhythmic composition.
  • Energetic EDM-infused composition to elevate the intensity of a high-energy workout. Incorporate motivational lyrics to amplify the rhythmic experience.
  • Design an intense fitness soundtrack with energetic synthwave beats, mirroring the excitement and drive of challenging workout sessions. Enhance the audio experience for an invigorating workout.

Genre Exploration & Innovation:

  • Genre-Bending Fusions: Experiment with merging genres using AI. Imagine a blend of traditional Chinese instruments with modern hip-hop beats, or a fusion of classical melodies with electronic soundscapes.
    • You may try these text to music prompts:
    • Cross-genre collaboration where traditional Chinese instruments meet the dynamic beats of hip-hop in a harmonious musical creation.
    • Seamless integration of traditional Chinese musical elements with the rhythmic energy of contemporary hip-hop.
    • Fusion of classical melodies and electronic soundscapes, creating a unique and captivating cross-genre composition.
    • Picture a symphony of genres where classical melodies effortlessly blend with the pulsating rhythms of modern hip-hop.
    • Explore classical melodies merged with electronic soundscapes for genre-defying innovation.
  • AI-Generated Remixes: Take popular songs and use AI to create unique remixes that explore different styles or tempos. This can cater to fans who enjoy re-imaginations of familiar music.

Niche Channels:

  • ASMR Channels(Autonomous Sensory Meridian Response): Use AI to generate gentle, repetitive sounds that create a tingling sensation for listeners. Experiment with nature sounds, whispering voices, or unique textures.
    • Craft a serene ASMR experience with gentle, repetitive nature sounds for a soothing and tingling sensation.
    • Generate a unique ASMR ambiance by combining nature sounds with gentle, rhythmic repetitions for a tranquil experience.
    • Craft ASMR music with gentle sounds, whispers, and soothing rhythms. Explore nature-inspired tones and unique textures for a calming auditory experience
  • Video Game Soundtracks: Create atmospheric background music for different video game genres using AI. Imagine whimsical melodies for fantasy RPGs, or dark, industrial sounds for sci-fi shooters.
    • Try these prompts:
    • Generate futuristic and electronic beats for cyberpunk adventures, setting the tone for high-tech and dystopian gaming environments.
    • Create an atmospheric background for horror games with eerie, suspenseful sounds, enhancing the tension and fear in every gaming moment.
    • Craft dynamic and energetic soundtracks tailored for fast-paced action in sci-fi shooters, blending dark and industrial tones for heightened intensity.
    • Develop intense and adrenaline-pumping music for fast-paced racing games, enhancing the thrill of high-speed competitions.

Trending Themes:

  • Lo-fi Beats: Lo-fi music with its chill vibes and focus on relaxation remains popular. Leverage AI to generate endless variations on this theme, perfect for studying or unwinding.
    • Produce smooth and calming lo-fi tunes, providing a variety of relaxing sounds to enhance a stress-free environment.
    • Generate a seamless blend of ambient lo-fi beats, offering a tranquil soundtrack for concentration during study sessions.
    • Design a diverse range of chill lo-fi compositions, each contributing to a stress-free and calming audio experience.
    • Craft a soothing lo-fi atmosphere with diverse compositions, ideal for unwinding and creating a serene environment.
    • Develop a variety of calming lo-fi tunes, providing a peaceful backdrop for moments of unwinding and relaxation.

4. Additional Considerations:

What are some limitations of AI music generation?

All the tools mentioned above are great to get started with music, but there are some limitations of AI music generation. Here are some:

  • Lack of creativity and emotional depth:  AI can produce music that sounds good, but it often struggles to capture the raw emotion and unique style that human musicians bring to their work. Music is an art form that allows people to express themselves in powerful ways, and AI currently has a hard time replicating that human touch.
  • Over-reliance on data: AI music generation relies on machine learning algorithms that are trained on existing music. This means that AI-generated music is derivative and can often sound like a mashup of existing styles. It can be difficult for AI to produce something truly original.
  • Potential for homogenization: Because AI relies on existing music, there’s a concern that it could lead to a homogenization of music. If AI is constantly spitting out music that sounds similar to what’s already popular, it could stifle innovation and make it harder for new and unique artists to emerge.

Monetization and Copyright:

Can AI Write Music Lyrics?

Yes, AI can definitely help with lyrics. AI tools can:

  • Suggest rhymes and synonyms
  • Complete lines or verses

Copyright and Ownership

Ownership of AI-generated lyrics depends:

  • Level of AI involvement: If AI simply provides suggestions, you (the human creator) likely own the copyright.
  • Specific tool used: Some tools might have terms that reserve some ownership rights for the AI developer.

Buying and Selling AI Music

There’s no established marketplace yet for buying or selling solely AI-generated music. TPlatforms might be cautious due to copyright concerns.

Making Money with AI Music (Legally and Ethically)

Here are some ethical and legal considerations for profiting from AI music:

  • Transparency: Be upfront about using AI for lyrics or music generation.
  • Originality: Strive to add significant human creativity to AI-generated music to make it unique.
  • Copyright clearance: If your AI music samples existing works, ensure you have proper permissions.

The Future of AI Music Monetization

The legalities of AI music ownership and monetization are still evolving. Here are some potential future scenarios:

  • Royalty splits: Revenue might be shared between human creators and AI developers.
  • Licensing models: Specific licenses could be created for AI-generated music.

As AI music technology matures, legalities and monetization will likely become clearer. Stay tuned for exciting developments in this sonic frontier!

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