Loudly’s AI Music Generator streamlines music creation by instantly producing unique tracks. You can select your preferred genre and desired length and get started. Loudly enhances user experience by providing a library of royalty-free tracks that can be effortlessly licensed across different media platforms.

The website is equipped with a user-friendly search function and an AI Recommender that suggests music based on individual preferences. Additionally, there are pre-made playlists for your convenience. To access these services, you must subscribe to the platform, which also includes a complimentary free trial. Loudly ensures transparency and adherence to legal requirements by offering access to relevant legal documents on the website.

Features of Loudly:

  • AI music generation: Easily create one-of-a-kind tracks by choosing your preferred genre and length, harnessing the power of our advanced AI music generation technology.
  •  Royalty-free music library: Explore a diverse collection of licensable tracks suitable for a wide range of media projects, allowing you to use them without worrying about royalties.
  •  AI Recommender: Discover personalized music recommendations tailored to your unique preferences, ensuring a seamless and enjoyable music selection experience.
  •  Pre-made playlists: Find inspiration and save time by browsing through expertly curated playlists designed to suit various moods, themes, and occasions.
  •  Multi-platform accessibility: Enjoy the convenience of accessing Loudly’s features both through the user-friendly website and the dedicated mobile app, available for download on the App Store and Google Play.

Use Cases:

  • Create original music for various applications, including video production, podcasts, websites, etc.
  •  Enhance various media projects with royalty-free tracks that perfectly complement the content.
  •  Explore and discover new music through the AI Recommender or handpicked playlists.

The Loudly AI Music Generator presents a practical and efficient solution, enabling users to generate unique music tracks while providing access to a diverse library of royalty-free music.

Pricing Details:

  • Free Account:Cost: $0.00
    •  Benefits: Access to 2,500+ free songs.
    •  The license covers usage on all social media platforms.
    •  Access to Audio + Video Customizer.
    •  AI song recommender for personalized music suggestions.
    •  Loudly mobile app usage.
    •  Access to AI Music Generator.
  •  Personal Plan:Cost: $7.99 per month (Save 38% annually).
    • Suitable for individuals creating content for personal channels.
    •  Includes all features from the Free Account, plus: Access to the full song catalog.
    •  Unlimited song downloads.
    •  License coverage for social media, live streams, podcasts, and monetization on platforms like YouTube.
    •  Exporting Audio + Video customizations.
    •  Certified music license PDF.
    •  Unlimited AI Music Generator downloads.
  •  Pro Plan:Cost: $14.99 monthly (Save 50% annually).
    • Designed for professionals, registered companies, or agencies.
    •  Includes all features from the Personal Plan, plus: Extended license coverage for digital advertising media.
    •  Usage in client work and commercial projects.
    •  Mobile apps and website usage.
    •  Corporate media, presentations, and video conferences.
    •  Compatibility with visual NFTs.
    •  Integration with indie games, VR/AR, and Metaverse applications.
  •  Enterprise: Tailored for commercial usage with custom premium solutions and licensing terms.
    •  Suited for large enterprises, ATL advertising campaigns, cinema/film/VOD/streaming, radio & TV broadcast, remixes for music labels, API integration, and bulk catalog licensing.
    •  Specific pricing and terms are provided based on individual business needs.

In summary, Loudly’s AI Music Generator simplifies the music creation process and ensures that users can access top-notch, original music produced by professional musicians. With its user-friendly platform, extensive features, and affordable pricing, Loudly emerges as a powerful tool empowering individuals, businesses, and enterprises to seamlessly elevate their creative projects with exceptional music.

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