Imagine being able to craft your musical masterpiece with the power of words. You can do just that with Stable Audio, created by the visionary team at Stability AI. This revolutionary AI leverages the latest generative techniques to turn text prompts into beautiful, high-quality music. Describe your desired piece in words, and let Stability Audio bring your vision to life.

I tried Stable Audio and will review it in-depth in this blog. So, let’s get started.

What Is Stability AI?

Stability AI is a generative AI that is used to create hyper-realistic images using text prompts.

It announced Stable Audio, which can be used for music generation using text prompts.

What Is Text to Music AI Generator?

Stable Audio was trained under AudioSparx, which is a leading music library.

Text to music AI generator is when you provide a text prompt and generate music out of it.

While providing a text prompt, Provide a detailed description of the Audio, including genre, instruments, BPM (Beats Per Minute), moods, etc.

Here are a few text prompts provided by Stable Audio:

  • Trance, Ibiza, beach, sun, 4 AM, progressive, synthesizer, 909, dramatic chords, chor, euphoric, nostalgic, dynamic, Flowing
  • Drum Solo
  • Car passing by

Here are a few prompts I generated using ChatGPT:

  • Lofi, Late Night Vibes, Urban Street, Neon Lights, Chilled Beats, Subdued Bass, Saxophone Melodies, Introspective, 70 BPM
  • Sunny Afternoon, Lofi, Garden Breeze, Acoustic Guitar, Light Percussion, Whistling Melodies, Uplifting, Carefree, 90 BPM
  • Lofi, Rainy Window, Bookstore Ambiance, Soft Strings, Muted Trumpet, Distant Thunder, Reflective, Thoughtful, 75 BPM
  • Retro Vinyl, Lofi, Vintage Cafe, Soulful Vibes, Dusty Organ, Electric Piano, Slow Groove, Nostalgic, 85 BPM
  • Lofi, Beach Sunset, Waves Crashing, Ukulele Strums, Marimba Melodies, Tropical Vibes, Blissful, Serene, 100 BPM
  • City Park Stroll, Lofi, Birds Chirping, Acoustic Guitar Picking, Light Percussion, Ambient Synths, Refreshing, Nature Blend, 80 BPM
  • Lofi, Cyberpunk Night, Futuristic Streets, Glitchy Beats, Synthwave Pads, Dystopian Vibes, Neon Glow, Edgy, 95 BPM
  • Cozy Cabin Retreat, Lofi, Crackling Fireplace, Wooden Flute Melodies, Warm Strings, Snowfall Ambiance, Relaxing, Winter Charm, 70 BPM
  • Lofi, Vintage Film Noir, Rainy Alley, Detective Jazz, Muted Trumpet, Smoky Saxophone, Detective Story, Intriguing, 90 BPM
  • Mountain Hike Sunrise, Lofi, Panoramic Views, Banjo Strumming, Harmonica Accents, Folk Elements, Adventurous, Scenic, 110 BPM

Here are a few more prompts that produced good music.

  • Lofi beats paired with the soothing sound of rain.
  • Hip-hop-infused Lofi beats capture the essence of city life.
  • Dreamy Lofi tunes that transport you to a serene moonlit world.
  • Lofi beats featuring soulful guitar melodies for a relaxed and introspective mood.
  • Futuristic and cyberpunk-inspired Lofi beats for a unique atmospheric experience.
  • Ambient Lofi tracks with ethereal sounds that create a calming and otherworldly vibe.
  • Groovy lo-fi beats with a touch of funk, perfect for a laid-back lounge atmosphere.
  • Lofi beats accompanied by the gentle sound of ocean waves for a coastal chill.
  • Ambient and space-inspired Lofi beats for a cosmic and contemplative mood.
  • Lofi beats with cinematic elements, creating a storytelling atmosphere.
  • Lofi beats infused with jungle and jazz influences for a vibrant and energetic feel.

How to Use Stable Audio?

Stable Audio has a pretty straightforward UI.

  • Login to stable Audio using your Gmail account.
  • You can use a free account to generate 20 audio for up to 45 seconds each.
  • In the prompt column, type your prompt and click on the generate arrow.
stable audio login
  • Your Audio will be generated; you can listen to it and download it.
generate music with Stable Audio
  • The pro version allows you to generate 500 beats, up to 1 minute and 30 seconds each Audio.

Key Features of Stable Audio

  • Commercial use with the Pro version
  • You own the copyright of the music generated
  • Great for professionals
  • It is a good platform for freshers who know how to generate prompts

Pros and Cons:


  • Easy-to-use interface
  • Hassle-free 
  • commercial use allowed
  • you own the copyright
  • affordable


Customer service takes time to respond. Their response is to the point, but they take long.


Free: Create 20 music for up to 45 seconds each

Pro: $11.99 a month

Create 500 pieces of music up to 1 minute 30 sec each with copyright and commercial usage.

Enterprise: Contact Stable Audio

Custom monthly track and track duration


Mubert: Lets you create some great pieces of music with text prompts and also select from various genres, moods etc.

Boomy: You can generate music in seconds and submit it to other music platforms to start making passive income.

Soundraw: You can generate unlimited music based on mood, genre etc.

My experience with Stable Audio:

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