How to Explode Your Google Traffic in 2024?

How to Explode Your Google Traffic in 2024?

If you are a blogger, you would know that blogging is all about clicks and views. And how do you get those clicks and views? By using the right keyword. It will be difficult to rank for a high-competition keyword, so the smart way is to write blogs around low-competition and high-demand keywords. But it is a task to find such keywords, isn’t it?

Let me introduce you to the ultimate game-changer for your keyword research, which will help you explode your Google traffic – RankIQ.

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What is RankIQ all about?

RankIQ is an SEO tool crafted especially for bloggers and small businesses. It helps bloggers like you with SEO and advanced keyword research and equips you with everything you need to rank that blog on Google.

In July 2023, RankIQ was the highest-rated SEO software by Customer Satisfaction; second in line was SEMrush, followed by Ahrefs.

SEMrush and Ahrefs can definitely provide you with more valuable assets with much higher pricing. Whereas RankIQ is affordable for bloggers and gives you everything you need to succeed.

Highest rated SEO software- RankIQ

Have you heard of Mediavine? Mediavine is the top-paying ad network for bloggers, but there’s a catch – you need a solid 50k monthly session to even apply.

mediavine blogs using rankiq

In a recent extensive study involving 2,363 Mediavine blogs, something extraordinary was unveiled. The blogs utilizing RankIQ saw a staggering 468% increase in their Google traffic compared to their peers who weren’t using RankIQ.

This study is a first-of-its-kind, massive, user-driven investigation into the impact of an SEO tool. Previously, the only stories you’d hear about these tools were handpicked user cases on their websites. This RankIQ study, however, is a game-changer in itself.

Key Features of RankIQ:

  • Keyword Research Tool: RankIQ is the only SEO platform that has done keyword research around 500+ niches and provides you with low-competition, high-traffic keywords. It will save you hours of time you spend of researching these keywords. They constantly update this keyword library so that you have the latest data.
  • Update Old Posts: You can improve the visibility of your old blog post using the AI SEO report to rewrite them. 
  • Highest Scoring Topics: RanIQ shows you the topics that Google wants you to cover. You may build a blog around these topics and rank easily.
  • Title Optimizer: You will get the keywords that gets the maximum clicks on Google. This will improve the chances of getting more clicks with this feature.
  • Content Optimizer: This feature will help you create a content rich blog that Google loves. Due to this feature, RankIQ shows you LSI keywords that search engine uses to understand your content. You may include these keywords in your blog to make it SEO rich.

How do I update an old post using RankIQ?

You can find the option to generate LSI keywords based on your keywords, phrases, or your blog title. LSI stands for Latent Semantic Indexing; these are the keywords that Google will be looking for.

LSI stands for Latent Semantic Indexing

You need to add your content in the form of ‘code’. If you are working on WordPress, click on the three dots on the top right corner, click on ‘code editor’, and copy the post. Now, paste this to the RankIQ content optimizer editor.

RankIQ content optimizer editor

Once you get the report, you may start including the unused LSI keywords in new content and update your blog. Be careful not to stuff your blog with LSI keywords; keep it as organic as possible.

How to use RankIQ for established blogs?

Identify your blogs that were performing well earlier but are now going downhill. This, if left unchecked for long, will lead to your site losing rank.

How to fix it?

RankIQ has a feature called Rankings Audit, which can help you in such scenarios. To use this feature, you will need to connect Google Search Console with RankIQ.

RankIQ has a feature called Rankings Audit

When you connect RankIQ and Google Search Console, it gives you access to data that you have never seen before. You can see data on blogs which has lost traffic, and it will help you decide which blogs to target first.

Pages experience traffic contraction

Now that you know how to use RankIQ on your existing content, let us learn how to do keyword research.

How to do keyword research the right way?

Research conducted by GrowthBadger shows how keyword research plays an important role in deciding which content we should write about.

Growthbadger keyword research

If you have used a keyword research tool, you will know that most of these tools give you information about which keywords to use while running a Google ad. It is way too time-consuming to comb through these keywords to narrow down the keyword you want to work on.

You can simplify this process using RankIQ’s Keyword Library, which has low-competition, high-traffic keywords for around 500 niches.

RankIQ's Keyword Library

RankIQ’s report shows you the keyword competition, how much traffic you can expect, and how much time you will need to rank.

Now that you know how to do keyword research, we come to our next question: how to create amazing content?

How to create content that ranks?

Use the SEO Report:

Once you do your keyword research, you can pull up an SEO report on your keywords. This report will tell you the grade, required word count of the blog, and Google ranking analysis.

Using this report, you can do the title analysis and title analysis with competitors, using which you can come up with an amazing title for your blog.

Once you have done your keyword research and done with your SEO report, you can create your blog outline.

Use Content Optimizer for Your New Blog:

Once you have your blog outline ready, create your first blog draft and paste it on the content optimizer. The optimizer will now grade your draft and provide you with the word count and the LSI keywords you covered and did not cover.

Now, you can naturally add more content using the LSI keywords in your blog.

Pros and Cons:


  • Keyword list for any given niche
  • User friendly 
  • Budget-friendly
  • Made for bloggers
  • Helps to rank higher on Google
  • The time-to-time updating of the content library 


  • The tool doesn’t save the username and password, hence have to login every time.
  • Copy pasting on Word loses the format.

Comparison of RankIQ with other SEO tools:


RankIQ looks fancy, and it is pocket-friendly. You can get it as low as $49. It’s like scoring a VIP pass to SEO greatness without breaking the bank.

Pricing comparison- ramkiq, SEMRush, Ahrefs, surfer

Who is it for?

RankIQ is for a newbie and an experienced blogger alike.


For a search engine optimization tool, RankIQ is perfect for anyone who does not want to shell out a lot of money and wants to get incredible results. You can get started with RankIQ here. Share your incredible blogging journey with us in the comments section!

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