Do you dream of having a creative team member who’s always energized, always on, and able to create content that resonates with your audience? Generative AI is that team member! It is like a creative team member in the world of marketing. It can create content such as images, texts, or videos that feel unique and engaging.

How Does Generative AI Work in Marketing?

  1. Creating Custom Content: Imagine being able to design personalized images or videos for every single customer. Generative AI can help you do just that. It takes what it knows about your brand and audience and creates content that fits perfectly.
  2.  Saving Time: Writing ads, designing graphics, and creating videos can take a lot of time. Generative AI can do these tasks faster, allowing you to focus on strategy and client relationships.
  3.  Enhancing Engagement: Want to make your social media posts, emails, or ads stand out? Generative AI can create visually stunning graphics or write engaging copy that resonates with your audience.
  4.  Testing Different Designs: If you want to see how different logos, banners, or product images might look, Generative AI can create various options for you to choose from without hiring multiple designers.
  5.  Improving SEO and Ad Campaigns: Generative AI can also analyze data and optimize content for search engines or ad platforms. It’s like having an expert who knows exactly what keywords or images will work best.
  6.  Creating Virtual Models: If you’re selling a product, Generative AI can create realistic 3D models or images of what it might look like in different settings or colors.
  7.  Personalizing Customer Experience: You can use Generative AI to send personalized messages, offers, or recommendations to customers based on their interests and behavior.

In this blog post, we will explore one such Generative AI tool – Artbreeder

Artbreeder is a modern AI tool that’s a hit with marketers because it can make beautiful and unique visual content. How? By mixing different images and creating endless original designs.

Whether it’s custom graphics, logos, or other visuals for campaigns, Artbreeder helps brands shine with standout images. It’s user-friendly, so anyone can use it, and its innovative designs can boost a business’s branding, engage customers, and enhance online presence.

Features of Artbreeder:

  • Design Flexibility: Tailor your designs with various options.
  • High-Quality Images: Enjoy sharp, high-res outputs.
  • Collaborate and Share: Work with others and share within the community.
  • User-Friendly: Simple interface for all skill levels.
  • Blend and Shape Images: Morph images into infinite realistic and surreal possibilities.
  • Instant Previews: See design changes right away.
  • Google Drive Sync: No more downloading – sync directly to Google Drive.
  • Support Independent Creators: Help keep Artbreeder free and independent.
  • Create on the Fly: Characters, artworks, and more using multiple AI-powered tools like Mixer, Collager, and Splicer.
  • Join the Creative Network: Remix images, follow creators, and be part of a vibrant AI art community.
  • Expand and Mix Images: Create portraits landscapes and more easily and uniquely.

Artbreeder offers unlimited free usage to its subscribers and gives everyone a chance to be part of the future of AI-powered creativity. It’s like a creative collective where all images can be remixed by anyone else, making you a part of a dynamic artistic community.

Let us explore its features one by one.

Step 1: Login or Sign Up

Access the platform by logging in or creating a new account.

artbreeder login

Step 2: Browse the Image Library

Explore various images available in the library to understand the possibilities.

artbreeder create

Step 3: Use the ‘Mixer’ Option

a. Select the ‘Mixer’ option to blend images or text prompts. 

artbreeder generative ai mixer

b. Choose images from the library or upload them from your system.

artbreeder mixer input

c. Browser from Prompt Library or Artbreeder Image, select the category.

artbreeder selec  a prompt

d. Select the Image.

artbreeder categories

e. Select the second image.

artbreeder image

f. Select the output image size and number of images you need. 

g. Click on “Generate.”

artbreeder generate image

h. The images will be mixed, creating new variations.

artbreeder generated image

Step 4: Use the ‘Splicer’ Option

artbreeder splicer

a. Mix two images, edit their genes, and create portraits or landscapes. 

artbreeder splicer genes

b. Select or upload images, choose genes, and click on “Generate.”

artbreeder parent

Step 7: Use the ‘Collager’ Option

artbreeder collager

a. Create a simple image out of shapes, images, and text. 

artbreeder collager image

b. Write what you want to see and explore options. 

c. Click on “Generate.”

Step 8: Use the ‘Outpainter’ Option

freebreeder outpainter

a. Expand any image by adding or uploading a new one. 

artbreeder outpainter create

b. Write the prompt, adjust the image, and click on “Generate.” 


c. Options are available to clear, retry, download, upscale, or save to the profile.

Step 9: Use ‘Labs: Director’

artbreeder labs

a. Write a prompt and generate an image. 

artbreeder director.

b. Add additional details to enhance the image if needed.


Step 10: Explore ‘Worlds’ for Storytelling


a. Use this storytelling platform with an image. 

b. Upload or select an image, and write a prompt for your story. 

c. A story will be created from your input.

artbreeder story

Step 11: Participate in Contests

a. Enter contests, vote, and gain credits as part of the community.




Free Plan

  • Price: $0
  • Credits: 10 per month
  • Features:
    • No Extras
    • No Google Drive Sync
    • No Privacy Controls
    • No Custom Genes

Starter Plan

  • Price: $8.99 (Save 20% with yearly billing)
  • Credits: 100 per month
  • Features:
    • Extras
    • Google Drive Sync
    • Privacy Controls
    • Custom Genes

Advanced Plan

  • Price: $18.99 (Save 20% with yearly billing)
  • Credits: 275 per month
  • Features:
    • Extras
    • Google Drive Sync
    • Privacy Controls
    • Custom Genes

Champion Plan

  • Price: $38.99 (Save 20% with yearly billing)
  • Credits: 700 per month
  • Features:
    • Extras
    • Google Drive Sync
    • Privacy Controls
    • Custom Genes

Credit Amounts for Specific Actions

  • Generate a Collager Image (slow render): Free
  • Generate a Collager Image (fast render): 30 fast collages per credit
  • Generate a Splicer Image: Free
  • Upload an Image to Edit with Splicer: 1.3 uploads per credit
  • Use Splicer to Generate a Video: 1000 video frames per credit
  • Get a High-Res Download of an Image: 100 downloads per credit
  • Extend an Image with Outpainter: 1 credit





Stable Diffusion

Artbreeder opens up an inspiring world of creativity, blending art and technology in almost magical ways. It’s not just a tool for designers or artists; it’s a playground for anyone with a spark of imagination. From simply mixing images to crafting intricate visual stories, Artbreeder is a platform that invites you to explore, experiment, and express yourself.

What’s truly exciting about Artbreeder is how it brings people together. It’s a community, a collaborative space where ideas grow, and creativity flourishes. 

So, why not grab your digital palette and step into this colorful universe? You don’t need to be an expert to create something beautiful. All you need is a curiosity to explore and a desire to create. Happy art breeding!

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